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Welcome to Gray Electronics

Gray Electronics has been a leading provider of Security, Burglar, and Video Surveillance systems for financial institutions, commercial businesses, and residences since 1969. Founded by Darrell Gray, a pioneer and early patent holder in video surveillance technology, and operated for more than 45 years as a family owned business.


  • Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems
  • 24/7 Monitoring by Internet, Cell, or Local connectivity
  • Patented Digital System combining physical sensors with IP cameras for unsurpassed incident capture
  • Audited partitioned area access restriction
  • Equipment from DSC, Bosch, Radionics, Axis, Telular, Uplink, and more

Gray Electronics Intelligent Selection

Our patented Gray Electronics IsIp Software permanently writes the Global Camera number, Date, Time, camera name, location and PTZ position into every image. This makes every picture captured “Stand Alone Evidence” in a court of law.

When used with pan/tilt/zoom capable cameras IsIp commands multiple cameras to travel to pre-set positions based upon input from real, physical sensors within the environment. Axis HD Domes provide Auto-Tracking and Guard Tour alarms that allow IsIp to capture numerous HD pictures per event.

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